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Here are some things that you should know about me.

Daniele Fontani

I'm working hard to build a better tomorrow. I'm CTO @Sintraconsulting and I worked as Senior Developer, Team Leader and architect in a very large set of enterprise projects.

I delivered many talks to meetups and conferences. Inspirational keynote or technical deep-dive, modern web or cloud topics... I'm always open for more invitations!

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My personal projects

RawCMS is an headless CMS written in asp.net core build for developers that embrace API first technology.

Hublink is an opensource, easy-to-install, intuitive and lightweight remote log service made in asp.net.

Vecchie vie is a blog about trekking and outdoor activities and a repository for hiking tracks.

I'm writing technical articles son Codeproject.com

Working as CTO in sintraconsulting.it